Corporate Database (under construction)

We are going to set up a Corporate Database to provide our Clients valuable information of corporations and media organizations (including company's name, address, postal code, e-mail, telephone no and fax no). By using our Database, our clients could explore more business opportunities both in Hong Kong and overseas. Details are available on request from our Customer Service Dept.

The Corporate Database covers the following items:

1) Hong Kong's Media Data (newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
2) China's Media Data (newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
3) Taiwan's Media Data (newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
4) Chinese Media Data - South East Asian countries (newspapers and magazines)
5) Chinese Media Data - overseas countries (newspapers and magazines)
6) Hong Kong's Listing Companies (Mainboard)
7) Hong Kong's Listing Companies (Growth Enterprise Market)
8) Hong Kong's Listing Companies (Red Chip)
9) Shanghai's Listing Companies
10) Shenzhen's Listing Companies


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1) 香港媒體資料(報章雜誌、電台、電視台)
2) 中國媒體資料(報章雜誌、電台、電視台)
3) 台灣媒體資料(報章雜誌、電台、電視台)
4) 東南亞華文媒體資料(報章雜誌)
5) 海外華文媒體資料(報章雜誌)
6) 香港上市公司資料(主板)
7) 香港上市公司資料(創業板)
8) 香港上市公司資料(紅籌國企)
9) 上海上市公司資料
10) 深圳上市公司資料